The house MG Réception

A family story
a human adventure

A family business founded in 1980 by Michel GUÉRAULT, the company started out as a butcher and delicatessen chef, selling quality products in a number of shops.
Ouverture d’une boucherie, charcuterie et traiteur à Montargis
Arrêt de l’activité Boucherie, charcuterie afin de se consacrer pleinement à l’activité exponentielle de traiteur événementiel
Michel Guérault créé un restaurant dans une salle annexe
Sami Guérault créé MG Réception et un nouveau laboratoire de production culinaire
Agrandissement du laboratoire de 250m2 et création d’un nouvel entrepôt logistique de 400m2

ISO 20 121 en cours de certification.
MG Réception fête ses 10 ans.


Michel Guérault ouvre sa première boutique de boucherie, charcuterie et traiteur à Villemandeur

Développement de l’activité de Traiteur Organisateur de Réception, acquisition d’une ancienne ferme de Pannes qu’il réhabilite et construction d’un nouveau laboratoire de production dédié à l’activité événementielle ainsi qu’une salle de réception
En 2007, un incendie détruit une des salles de réception et une partie du laboratoire de production. Michel Guérault prend sa retraite peu après
Agrandissement du laboratoire et de la zone logistique
MG Réception rejoint le réseau national Traiteurs D’Avenir en tant que membre exclusif sur secteur

Our Story

Faced with strong customer demand, the catering and reception organisation business quickly developed into a huge success.

In 2013, the “Michel GUÉRAULT” company was taken over by Sami GUÉRAULT to become the MAISON GUÉRAULT – “MG Réception”.

Since then, and on the strength of its growing success, MG Réception has built a new culinary production laboratory in Pannes to meet the demands of our ever-growing number of customers.

Our history is above all a human adventure. It’s the story of a team of passionate men and women, all working together to achieve an ambitious project. Our teams are loyal to us and have worked alongside us for many years, both in our kitchens and at your events.

Protecting the planet is everyone’s business and our common future depends on every action we take. That’s why we’ve decided to invest ourselves even more in our eco-responsible approach by joining the Traiteurs d’Avenir network and focusing our efforts on day-to-day actions that have a positive impact on the planet.

MG Réception

Our Values


We are a human-scale company where respect, honesty and loyalty are essential to achieving harmony and team cohesion. We extend these principles to all our interactions with our customers.


Each service is an additional challenge to give the best of ourselves. Our aim is to offer our customers an exceptional level of quality and performance, so we motivate our talents to innovate and excel in their work.


We take our social and ecological responsibility to heart. Using ethical and sustainable practices daily, we contribute in our own way to improving society and protecting the environment

Traiteurs d'Avenir Network

Traiteurs d’Avenir was created by a group of French caterers who have a passion for cooking and the art of hospitality, and who wish to contribute to the preservation of the planet and human development.

To affirm their commitment to sustainable development and CSR, Traiteurs d’Avenir members have chosen to invest in ISO 20121 certification.

Choosing a caterer who is a member of the “Traiteurs d’Avenir” network means choosing a responsible and co


Corporate social responsibility
  • Year after year, we have committed ourselves to developing new rules and daily actions to protect the environment. For example, we have set up a sorting system in the laboratory and on reception to improve recycling and reduce the consumption of plastics; we have also banned single-use plastics and work with recyclable or natural materials with the aim of zero waste.
  • We adapt our menus to the seasonal availability of fruit and vegetables.
  • We are also committed to reducing energy consumption (lighting, electricity) as much as possible and to offering our customers eco-responsible solutions such as donating food to avoid food waste.
  • MG Réception also looks after the well-being of its staff by promoting communication and access to training.
  • We work with a number of local producers to promote short circuits, including Covifruits in Olivet, La Ferme de la Petite Brosse in Girolles, la Graine aux Vents in Corbeilles en Gâtinais, Au Four et au Moulin in Villemandeur, EARL Deboise in Châlette sur Loing, and Perronnet GAEC in Mondreville.
  • Finally, our priority is to ensure the long-term future of the company by using optimised processes, working with our ecosystem, and developing responsible purchasing.


ISO 20121 certification
MG Réception is voluntarily committed to the environment and social causes by initiating an ISO 20121 certification process with other members of the Traiteurs d’Avenir network.
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